LiteSpeed WebServer - LiteSpeed vs Apache

A vast majority of websites are hosted on Apache, free web server software. However, Host1 uses only the best software to ensure maximum security, performance and reliability and that you receive the best hosting experience available.

Our webhosting services are hosted on the world's fastest commercial, enterprise grade web server software, to offer you the necessary tools to easily and efficiently run your high capacity websites.

LiteSpeed Web Server is Apache interchangeable




Static File Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (6x*) | PHP Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (1.5x*) | Perl Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (2x*) | CGI Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (2x*)

Features Apache 1.3/2.0 LiteSpeed 2.1
PHP/Ruby LSAPI No Built-in
Ruby on Rails Integration No Yes
Memory Footprint Large (process/threads) Small (event-driven)
Scalability Poor (~1000 concurrent clients) Excellent (20,000+ concurrent clients, SMP Linear)
Administration Commandline Web GUI
Configuration Format text XML
Upgrades Manual Auto+Manual
Product Support 3rd Party 24/7 Support
High Performance Proxy Add-on Built-in
Static Load Balancer 3rd Party Built-in
LDAP 3rd Party Built-in
Anti-DDoS 3rd Party Built-in
Connection Throttle 3rd Party Built-in
Bandwidth Throttle 3rd Party Built-in

* Based on benchmarks performed by LiteSpeed Technologies.

LiteSpeed Security

Receive a level of protection redundant on many rival servers and ensure that your websites are kept up and running with:

Static File Performance Comparison

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